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System-Wide Scanning Anomalies Confuse Pilots In Stanton

Are our ships' scanners being throttled?
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By Watchtower

Living by a different set of rules

My G-G-G-G-Great Grandfather

A few hundred years ago on the planet Earth, one of my ancestors detailed a very ominous entry in his personal diary. The date noted in the log was June 27th, 1985. He was a citizen of the United State of America and only 14 true years of age1. The entry is as follows;

"Was walking home from baseball practice today around 7:30ish pm. Just passed the Reformed Church across from the Town Hall when an extra large cloud caught my eye. To be honest, it was impossible to miss. It was the tallest cloud I had ever seen and I had to stop and stare at it for quite a while just to be sure that is wasn’t a damn mushroom cloud. I seriously had a pit in my stomach because I wasn’t sure if I was going to get hit with a blast wave at any second. But then I saw Cheri with her Mom. And that was that."

Mushroom Cloud???

Chills and goosebumps filled my body as I tried to catch my breath while reading this passage. The historical significance is profound when you really dive into the details of the period.

Here is a kid, during the Cold War Era of the 20th Century, walking home from baseball practice (Had to look that up. Never heard of baseball) and wondering if he is going to live only a few more moments before being vaporized from a thermonuclear explosion and within a few beats of his terrified heart, saw a childhood crush and moved on as if it were life as normal.

Wow! No wonder those generations were so screwed up!

Could you imagine living every day in that kind of fear? For a hot minute, visualize what it must have been like to crawl into bed and not know if you would be dead before you woke because a bunch of ego driven political hacks had their itchy trigger fingers on “the button”2? I couldn’t help but wonder where people living in that day and age found pants big enough to hold their genitals. Holy Tomatoes!!

This young man, a great Grandfather to the nth power, is relevant to this article. It wasn’t much later that he would join the military and begin a long lasting tradition of service in my family line that still exists present day.

The good, the bad, the scratchy

His specialty was Reconnaissance. Specifically, with the 1st Recon Squadron, 99th out of Beale AFB in Sunny California. (Lucky bastard) In his journals, he documented many adventures, ranging from exciting and nail biting to the boring and mundane. It’s all here for my family to read and gawk at.

The U-2TR 1091 DragonLady performing touch and go's with Pave PAWS in the background.

An entry in his journal from the year 1994, he mentions a technology building called Pave PAWS. Which, through some exhaustive research I discovered was an acronym for (Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System). According historical documents was an elaborate Cold War early warning radar and computer system developed in 1980 to "detect and characterize a sea-launched ballistic missile attack against the United States".

Basically, this “rudimentary” scanner could detect and give an early warning to the military forces of an impending nuclear missile launch as to allow counter operations to be launched and be effective.

You can listen to the sound of this incredible piece of ancient technology below:

The history books also show that the signal from Pave PAWS was so strong that it could be heard over vehicle radios and tv sets of the day!

My G-G-G-G-Great Grandfather with his U2 Crew somewhere in the Middle East during Desert Storm

They, in fact operated in the UHF spectrum and were spaced every 1 MHz and appear throughout the 420-450 MHz frequency band. The pulses measured about 300 kHz bandwidth and could reach a peak signal strength of -90 dBm (S9+3dB)

The Amateur Radio Services shared this 70 cm band on a secondary basis with the US Government which had priority, according to records.

The massive Pave PAWS building. Beale AFB, Ca.


The fact is, our scanning equipment, much like the ones used on the Carrack for example are not so different than the one used in Pave PAWS. Just as powerful and, unfortunately, just as flawed.

It seems that across the entire spectrum of ships within Stanton using the current scanning technology are experiencing strange anomalies when focusing on objects within certain frequency and polar ranges.

Pilots across the ‘Verse are wondering if there equipment is malfunctioning, or being throttled for some reason by the manufactures as a whole.

Carrack scanner profile

To compensate, pilots are being forced to fly closer to orbital bodies and structures to scan down their targets. Sometimes even having to land and use terrain vehicles to inch closer to get good scanning signals.

This possible SNAFU presents an interesting quandary for pilots and their crews. Should they loiter and fish in the area, possibly risking exposure to pirates and troublemakers? Or cut bait and look for friendlier space?

For us explorers, our scanners are our lifeblood, aiding in our survival in the harshness of space. We can not afford to have equipment fail out there in the black void. We should demand that if the manufacturers of this equipment are indeed throttling remotely and dynamically, they cease this activity at once and give us all the best chance for success.

Fly safe and true.

(1)The concept of Human cloning and digital essence transference was in it’s fetal stages at this time in history.

(2)"The Button" was a 20th Century term for the nuclear missile launch procedures of the day.

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Published on 17 May 2020

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